How to Stop your Dog Jumping Up on People

When your dog jumps up on people, it can be a problem. Most people don’t enjoy a dog jumping up on them and a large dog can knock a child down. You want to start training your dog that this kind of behavior is not rewarded from the start, no matter how cute you think it looks.

When your dog attempts to jump up on you, refuse to look at him. The minute you make eye contact, he realizes that he’s got your attention and so he knows that if wants your attention, all he has to do is jump on you.

Besides not looking at him, you don’t want to give him any verbal communication. Don’t laugh and don’t raise your voice. Don’t give him any verbal commands at all. You want to ignore him until he settles down.

Don’t engage the dog by touching him, either. Don’t push him off of you – and if he jumps up on others, don’t rush over to pull him off. He knows then that this kind of behavior will get you to come and interact with him.

Don’t rub or pet him when he jumps up. Keep both verbal and physical contact non-existent. Some people will raise their knee when a dog jumps, believing that this teaches a dog not to jump up – but it doesn’t.

All this does is show the dog that if he wants your attention, all he has to do is jump on you. He actually sees the knee up as interaction and encouragement because you’re giving him attention.

This becomes a problem because if you give the dog attention, he quickly learns to repeat his actions. You have to stand completely still and give him attention only when he’s sitting or standing before you.

The minute that your dog is standing or sitting before you, quickly give him a treat. He’ll learn to associate sitting and standing still with getting the treat. Be enthusiastic in your praise when the dog obeys.

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